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Matěj P.

I recommend the Elixir of Youth without any hesitation. Nice texture, it doesn't make my face sticky or greasy like other products and I'm happy to support a Czech company. I will definitely try some other products as well.

Peter S.

One of the most beautiful scents and I have had the opportunity to try countless of them. It smells so good to my wife that she won't let me out of the house at times :D

Martin Z.

I'm definitely happy with the spray, it was recommended to me in the barbershop and it holds great, yet it doesn't make my hair feel dry like sea salt sprays do.

Ondrej P.

The paste works fantastically. It is very pleasant. I also appreciate the very subtle scent. I will definitely get it again.

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Eau de Toilette
Discovery Set

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Discovery set with 4 samples of our Eau de Toilette in 2 ml atomizer-equipped flacons. Inside you will find the following fragrances: Metropolitan - something like a Swiss Army knife among…
10.00 €

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Where are your products made?

Our entire product range is currently manufactured in a certified production facility in the Czech Republic. Both owners live in the Czech Republic and the graphic studio we cooperate with is based here. 

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We dispatch orders every working day, always no later than the next working day after the order has been sent if we have already received payment by bank transfer or credit card.

Are your products vegan?

Close to all our products are vegan. We are currently working on modifying the packaging so that you can easily find this information on the label.

Are your products completely natural?

Most of them are not 100% natural, but we always try to make them as natural as possible, while maintaining their flawless functionality. In the case of shower gels, for example, we use a preservative to make sure that the carefully thought-out formula doesn't go bad. But of course, if we do resort to using a substance not created by nature itself, it is always a completely safe one.

How do you develop new products?

We're not some lazy copycats. For each new product, we think long and hard about the ideal recipe, we do a lot of in-house testing and then we send out the pre-final version of the product to our loyal customers to try out. Only when they are satisfied do we decide to release the product.Sure, it takes some time, but we can be sure that you're getting the best products possible.

Is it possible to make changes to an already placed order?

In this case, please contact us at info@beviro.com. But please don't delay, we ship orders very quickly and it could easily happen that yours will already be on its way.

Can my order be gift wrapped?

Well, it sure can in a sense. Just fill in your billing address and the address of the person you want to give the gift to. If you also fill in his e-mail and phone number, he may not even know who gifted him, because we do not include a printed invoice.

We do not offer special gift packaging for logistic reasons (except for gift sets), but our packaging is very neat as it is.

Do you also offer wholesale partnerships?

Yes, we have both professional product line and a professional approach. If you are interested, please contact our colleague Pavel Zlatníček at pavel.zlatnicek@beviro.cz, or by phone at +420 737 444 597.

How should I store your products?

It's not rocket science, more like a straightforward classic: at room temperature, don't expose them to direct sunlight. Our eye serum, though, is best chilled from the fridge.

Do your products contain microplastics?

They never have and never will.

Are your products animal tested?

They are not and never have been.

Do Beviro products contain parabens?

Here, too, the answer is fairly straightforward: they do not.

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