Bergamia Wood
Beard Oil

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Oil is the cornerstone of beard care. And also our signature product. It minimizes itching, nourishes the beard and provides shine and a pleasant scent. We have crafted it to perfection by blending 5 high-quality oils: rice, almond, avocado, jojoba and castor oil.

The Bergamia Wood scent combines the tones of cedar, pine and bergamot orange. That means you can carry a piece of forest with you even when you're in the middle of a city heat. 

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our products.
Contains 100% of natural ingredients.

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our products. Contains 100% natural ingredients.

5 oils for top-class beard nourishment

We mix 5 different types of oils in our beard oils because just one is not enough. There's quite some difference to individual oils. Although they look similar, they differ a lot in both quality and function. Rice oil softens and regenerates the skin, almond oil moisturizes and soothes the skin. Avocado oil prevents itching, jojoba oil protects the beard from the outside and castor oil nourishes it from the inside. We've spent over a year fine-tuning the ratios to get the best effect.

You'll always think of forests

Bergamia Wood smells like a pine forest. With a hint of cedar. And some citrus. It's our favourite scent, and maybe the reason you'll always carry a little bit of nature with you. Even when you're a city-dweller.

Key ingredients


A hint of forest, intoxicating aroma of wood, fresh and a pleasant aroma. Pine essential oil brings all of this. And pine is the basic fragrance source for Bergamia Wood.


Among the forest essences we have combined a more penetrating scent of bergamot. It underlines the woody scents, adds balance to the fragrance and brings some freshness to it.


Another woody scent is juniper. Juniper oil, obtained by distilling the ripe fruit, is a noticeably more aromatic and slightly heavier deep woods scent that completes the Bergamia Wood beautifully. 


5 oils

Rice oil: softens and regenerates the skin.

Almond oil: moisturizes and soothes the skin.

Avocado oil: prevents itchy skin.

Jojoba oil: protects the beard from the outside.

Castor oil: nourishes the beard from the inside.

How to use

Drip the oil into the palm of your hand, spread and massage it properly into the beard and the skin underneath. Recommended amount: 4 to 8 drops 1-2 times a day, morning and evening, ideally after a shower (when pores are open) for better absorption.


Beard oil is an absolute staple for bearded men. And ours, composed of 5 nourishing natural oils, nourishes the skin and the beard underneath. When beards grow, they take the natural sebum from the skin and when that skin gets too dry, it might form dandruff and start itching. The oil replenishes hydration and nutrients to both the beard and the skin.


For a healthy beard and nourished skin underneath, combine the oil with a beard brush. Once the oil has been applied to the beard, the brush will help with even distribution, ridding the skin of dead skin cells (dandruff) while also promoting blood flow  (better absorption of nutrients). The oil can also be combined with beard balm. The latter offers greater fixation, the possibility to shape longer beards and a different thick texture. Ideally, you can spend the day with the balm and put the oil in your beard at night.

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