Natural Body Wash

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Of course you can use any shower gel. Or you can treat yourself to something proper. And natural.

We have developed our Natural Body Wash to meet all the main needs:

  • Does it wash away the dust and sweat? It does.
  • Does it have a manly scent? Sure thing. No rose or sensual coconut here.
  • Does it leave your skin as dry as a bone? No, it does not.

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our cosmetics. Contains 97% of natural ingredients.


Sophisticated is a sophisticated fruity chypre fragrance, masculine and optimistic. It combines the power of cedarwood and musk with the lightness of bergamot and citrus leaves. It will spice up your daily routine and put confidence in your step. Whether it's your first step, or just another of many.

Secret L-weapon

But there's more to it than that. The secret weapon is lanolin, which is a wax-like substance extracted from sheep's wool that has incredibly softening effects on the skin. It will make you look like a lamb in wolf's clothing.

Key ingredients


A natural oil derived from sheep wool, it moisturizes and retains moisture even below the surface of the skin, helping to heal and maintain healthy skin.


Composed of fatty acids, lecithin acts as a protective skin barrier and moisturizes.

Citric acid

Naturally contained in lemons and limes, it acts as a protective antioxidant with rejuvenating effects. Helps unclog pores and even skin tone, removes dead skin cells.


How to use

Shake before use. Then pour a little bit of gel into the palm of your hand or on a washcloth or sponge and soap the whole body. No surprise there.


Sophisticated. Eau do toilette, eau de cologne and the Natural Body Wash. We've matched your favorite scents across products. Same essences, different products, different times of day and different uses, same joy.


For a complete wash, combine with Natural Face Cleanser. And if you dig the scent, match it with Sophisticated cologne or Sophisticated eau de toilette.

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