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Sophisticated is a sophisticated fruity chypre fragrance, manly and optimistic. It combines the strength of cedarwood and musk with the airy lightness of bergamot orange and lemon leaves. It's gonna spice up your day and give an air of confidence to your stride. No matter if you're about to make the first step or just one of many.

Our Eau de Toilettes contain 10 % of perfume oils, which makes them mighty strong. We just had to give you something extra again. 

(The original name of this Eau de Toilette was Spicy Touch.)

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our products.


Sophisticated is a sophisticated fruity chypre fragrance, masculine and optimistic. It combines the power of cedarwood and musk with the lightness of bergamot and citrus leaves. It will spice up your daily routine and put confidence in your step. Whether it's your first step, or just another of many.


Fragrance type

Fragrance type: fruity chypre fragrance

Season: spring to autumn

Time of day: day and night

Fragrance notes

Head: bergamot, citrus leaves, verbena

Heart: coriander, cedar needles

Base: cedar, musk, ambergris

How to use

Spray the eau the toilette from a distance of about 30 cm on the pulse points - neck, wrists.


Matching the scents, that's what it's all about. In the Sophisticated fragrance, Natural Body Wash might also be waiting for you. Or the Sophisticated cologne - a weaker version, but with aftershave disinfecting properties.

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