Natural Shampoo

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Generally speaking, there are two main sources of dandruff - either an overly dry scalp, or Malassezia yeast - their outbreak can cause inflammation that leads to the appearance of dandruff. It is hard to tell which of these is the cause of your personal dandruff, which is why our shampoo tackles both possible causes. Amino acid complex and aloe vera help hydrate the scalp and herbal extracts together with Cetylpyridinium Chloride get you rid of the yeast. 

Apart from that it is 99% natural. We couldn't quite make it a straight one hundred - that one percent is a persevative that is essential so that the shampoo lasts. Of course it doesn't just fight dandruff - it also cleanses and nourishes your hair and leaves it looking silky smooth. What more could one ask from a shampoo?

Made in Czech Republic. Like all our products.

Contains 99 % of natural ingredients. That remaining one per cent is a preservative - it wouldn't stay too fresh without it very long. 

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