Natural Beard Booster

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What if your beard doesn't grow the way you'd like? What if it was a little thicker and evenly spread around your face. That would be just right. It is also the reason why we created our Natural Beard Booster. It supports blood flow, activates and stimulates beard follicles and gives them more energy, thus helping even the shy parts of your beard come out of hiding. It also strengthens the already existent part of your beard, hydrates it and gives it a thicker look.

Key ingredients of the Booster are Cressatine and guarana. These work hand in hand to give your beard more energy and stimulate growth. Another key ingredients are biotin, herbal extracts, keratin, panthenol and natural nourishing oils that help both your beard and the skin underneath it thrive.

It is the right fit for those who already have some beard operation going on, but it doesn't feel sufficient. If you are about to get your first high school mustache or you don't know a single male member of your family who sports a beard, the Booster won't help. Youngsters gotta keep on growing and there's little to no way you can fight the genes if there's virtually nothing to work with (but you can give it a shot if you want). Those who already have some foundation to work with will get the most of this bottle.

Made in Czech Republic. Like all our products.
Contains 90% of natural ingredients.

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