Medium Hold
Magic Powder

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When you say magic powder, you probably think of something else. But ours can work magic on your head (not in it).

It magically adds volume to even fine hair.
It magically pulls out excess grease from your hair.
It magically mattifies and doesn't show in your hair at all.

Gives hair a medium hold. It's also non-sticky, so you can re-style it throughout the day.

Volume Up!

Our Magic Powder is suitable for the young, for the old and for the old young. For the younger ones, it helps to complete the modern tousled hairstyle, for the older ones, it helps to add volume that used to be there but somehow isn't anymore. It is suitable for shorter, thinner and limp hair, which it helps to revive, as well as for longer hairstyles, to which it adds volume and texture.

It's a kind of magic (powder)

Hair powder works differently compared to other hair products. It contains very small particles that increase friction between individual hairs (which is why your hair will scrub a bit when you run your hand through it). As a result, the hair stays further apart and your hairstyle has more volume. At the same time, they absorb excess grease, so the final effect is very matte. With a little imagination, it can also be used the day after a shower as a weaker dry shampoo.


How to use

Shake before use and apply powder only to dry hair. For volume, apply the powder from the roots of the hair. To fix the hairstyle and create a matte look, apply the powder evenly just above the head and use your fingers to shape it into the desired shape. Remove the powder from the hair by brushing it out or shampooing.

How does it work

It gives hair volume, texture and a matte effect, pulls out excess moisture and grease from the hair.

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