Smooth Face Safety Razor

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The synthesis of old-timey and contemporary is a hard one to achieve. Many have tried. None like us, however. When it comes to shaving, there’s little better than the good old edge-cutting safety razor. That’s the men’s shaving ritual, if there ever was one. Pick up some straight metal and with gradual strokes—accompanied by the quiet music of elegance and precision, as the razor winds its way through—your face meets the face of god. Figuratively, of course. No sacrifice involved.

Our razor boasts a perfectly balanced grip in black with an orange tip. Its closed comb build significantly reduces the possibility of nicks, even if your technique isn’t perfect. Made in Germany, a country renowned for their precision and—among other—their sense of tradition in wet shaving.

Comes with one Mühle stainless steel razor blade.


Made in Germany, the home country of the traditional shave.

Confidence made quiet

The sheer absence of flamboyant shapes, exceeding dimensions and wild colors gives way to the pure minimalism we know and love. The graceful blackness of the grip shows magic of its own. Starting with perfect balance and timeless design, all the way to the orange-finished tip. Nothing less, nothing more.

Impeccable tradition

The mechanism of the safety razor is simplicity at its finest. It wasn’t uncommon to see these machines being passed down through generations: unless they got stolen or crushed down in a hydraulic press, they last a lifetime. Same goes for the blades: simple, cheap, no-fuss. No need to reinvent the wheel.


How to use

Damp your face with warm water, lather with your shaving cream, gel or soap of choice. Shave along the grain. After, make sure to wash: both your face and the tools used.

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