Save the Badger Brush

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Slippery slope is no slope to be on—and no man should be caught slipping. Preventing that can be a breeze with the right tools, especially in front of the mirror. Say no more to lousy mornings and say hi to the right way to start your day and shave: the German-made shaving kit, including this stylish shaving brush.

Trusty shape, mid-size, with a stylish orange-topped kohled grip and—first and foremost—top-of-the-line Silvertip Fibre® bristles that reach into your body and your very soul. Body—because of their infinite softness and great water retention properties that allow for the best lather and, therefore, the perfect shave. And the soul—no badger was harmed in making this brush. No boars, either.


Made in Germany, the home country of the traditional shave.

Beauty first. Irrevocably

Design and function must go hand in hand. Apart from the precision-made bristles that spring up the finest lather possible and our perfected grip, we also had our eyes on the very ability to uplift your bathroom shelf. The Beviro Shaving Brush is designed to look great even when you’re not using it—in a timeless dark kohled design with our logo and an orange tip. Same as the rest of our shaving lineup.

One-upping nature

Nature possesses incredible properties that we love to leverage in our products. It’s not us, however, to forage our flora and fauna carelessly. That would be no love. How do we help save the planet all the while maintaining the best shaving experience possible? Well, there’s the Silvertip Fibre®. These patented synthetic bristles outdo the classic badger: they last longer and have water-retentive properties. Science galore.


How to use

Damp your face and allow your brush to do the same—soak it in fresh warm water. Then, use your shaving soap or cream of choice and lather like you hate it or love it. (Whatever gets you going.) Apply to shaving area. Allow to remember all the happy badgers chilling in the forest—then shave. Post flagrante, wash your brush and let it dry in the open.

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