The Essential Skin Care Kit

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You’re no paper to be creased up like that. A real man’s face should hold strong as a sail in the wind. Show the world your better side with the impeccable and previously thought impossible combo of soft soap and cream that’s stout, yet milky.

All the while packed in a lavish, tailor-made box of highest quality Japanese paper. No plastic was used
during manufacture – the entire box is completely recyclable.

What's in the box:

Japanese paper...

Sure, in the end it's all about what's inside, but perfect cosmetics deserves perfect packaging too. That's why we've made the boxes of our gift sets from premium Japanese paper and stamped them with a subtle embossed logo in the top right corner.

... and a power of nature packed inside

We believe in the power of nature and its ability to uplift the body and mind. That's why you won't find any harsh chemicals in our soaps and creams, but rather 99% and 94% natural ingredients. The rest are preservatives, without which they simply wouldn't stay fresh too long.

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