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Matt Paste

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Matt, just that.

Matt paste is about the most versatile hair product. It looks completely natural, plus it's not greasy at all, which makes it very easy to wash out.

It offers a strong hold, which makes it a great fit for longer hair and more complicated hairstyles.

Our paste is water-based, which makes it truly easy to wash out. No need to change your daily routines - you just take a shower, wash your hair and that's it. You're as good as new.

Made in Czech Republic. Like all our products.

It contains 69 % of natural ingredients. We couldn't push that number up any further, but we at least steered clear from any petroleum-based derivatives.

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our cosmetics. Contains 69% of natural ingredients.

Tested on men. Victoriously.

All our products are tested on men, not animals, before they go to market. Although we do have a bit of a wild animal in us.

As natural as possible. And functional, too.

We make all our products as natural as possible. But it can't be at the expense of function. Especially when it comes to hair styling. We also get annoyed when it's a bit windy on the street and the morning artwork on our heads is in jeopardy. This paste has a strong hold, so it's best suited for longer hair or more challenging styles. It's easy to rely on.

Key ingredients


Kaolin, white clay, is the mineral that sets the texture of our hair paste. It eliminates excess grease and leaves hair completely matte.

Castor oil

A natural lipid that increases hair elasticity and reduces the likelihood of hair breakage. Nourishes hair primarily from within.


Beeswax, an essential cosmetic ingredient since ancient times, adds texture to the paste, retains moisture in the skin and adds nutrients to the hair.


How to use

Dry hands and dry hair. Scoop a little on your finger, spread in your palms and apply to hair.


The paste is water-based, so it goes on well, doesn't grease, is easy to wash off your hands, easy to rinse out of your hair and leaves a clean and matte finish.


For a better hairstyle, combine with our sea salt spray (extreme hold or medium hold), which strengthens the hair and adds volume. The paste then adds the main fixation and finishes the hairstyle.

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