Pakkawood Shavette

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Shavette is perfect for precise contour shaving. The cheeks, the neck, so that you look like you'd just left your favourite barbershop. It is much more precise than a classic razor - it only has one blade that is perfectly visible, so nothing stands between you and your perfect shave. Plus it's much more manly.

Shavette is a close relative of a straight razor – but unlike a straight razor it uses razor blades. Simply break the blade in half and insert it into the shavette. Once it gets blunt, you simply switch it for another. We have included one Derby Premium razor blade in the package so that you can try your new tool out instantly. We know only too well that you're looking forward to it.

It looks like a straight razor, but it's not a straight razor

You don't have to sharpen and strop the Shavetta, you put half of a regular razor blade in it. Other than that, it's pretty much the same. It'll take some getting used to the different grip than with a traditional razor, but you'll get the hang of it. Your grandfather did it, you can do it too.


It sounds exotic, but it's simple. Pakkawood is a durable material that is created by layering hardwood and infusing it with a heat-cured resin. Usually used for knife blades, we used it for our shavette. The advantage is that it is moisture resistant, so it will last a long time even in a bathroom environment.


How to use

First, insert the razor blade into the shavette (it is included in the package). While still in the paper wrapper, break the razor, put half of it in the shavette and the ritual can begin. Before shaving, apply the invisible shaving gel and wait about a minute for the gel to take effect and the beard to soften.Then shave at a 40-degree angle to the face. But if you don't have an angle gauge at hand, shave yourself in a way that works and does not cause bleeding. No sudden movements, a light hand, plenty of shaving gel and you'll be shaved in no time. Don't forget to disinfect after shaving.


Combine with Invisible shaving gel that lets you see exactly what you're shaving. And be sure to add cologne - it disinfects and perfumes.

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