Bohemian Spirit (Sweet Armour)
Eau de Cologne

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(The original name of this Eau de Cologne was Sweet Armour.)

Eau de cologne is an absolute classic that gives you a slight alcohol sting and in return soothes and disinfects the skin after shaving and leaves a pleasant scent behind. Our cologne contains 5% of perfume oils (that technically promotes it to an eau de toilette) and ages for 3 months in order for the fragrance to mature. Now it comes with a classic bottle neck instead of a spray which makes it easier to use after shaving.

Made in the Czech Republic. Like all our cosmetics.

Bohemian Spirit

Bohemian life. A van on its way through Europe. Chance encounters of fate. Summer evenings by the sea. No worries, just worries about women. Bohemian Spirit is a captivating sweet and spicy fragrance that evokes desire. For distances. And a life lived to the full.


Fragrance type

Fragrance type: sweet and spicy

Season: autumn-winter

Time of day: day and night

Fragrance notes

Head: citrus, rosemary, gingerbread

Heart: almonds and tonka beans

Base: leather, patchouli, cedar

How to use

After shaving, drip into palm, apply to face and neck and lightly apply with your fingers. It may sting a little.


Matching the scents, that's what it's all about. In the Bohemian Spirit fragrance, Natural Body Wash might also be waiting for you. If you want a twice as more intense scent and don't mind skipping the disinfectant properties, do consider the Bohemian Spirit Eau de Toilette.

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