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Discovery Set

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A discovery set containing our three beard oils tested both by time and by our loyal bearded customers, each with a volume of 1 ml, making it easy to choose the right version that will become your faithful companion. 

Inside you will find the following beard oils:

  • Bergamia Wood - the ultimate bestseller, your personal piece of the woods even in the whirlwind of the big city, with notes of pine, juniper, cedar and bergamot.
  • Cinnamon Season - aka instant Christmas, at least for your beard. Cinnamon, sandalwood and a pinch of grapefruit. 
  • Honkatonk Vanilla - vanilla, but for men. Slightly sweet, discreet and pleasant, with notes of vanilla, tonka bean and palo santo.

5 oils for superb beard health

We mix 5 different types of oils in our beard oils because just one is not enough. Although they look similar, they differ a lot in both quality and function. Rice oil softens and regenerates the skin, almond oil moisturizes and soothes the skin. Avocado oil prevents itching, jojoba oil protects the beard from the outside and castor oil nourishes it from the inside. We've spent over a year fine-tuning the ratios to get the best effect. 

Our holy trinity

There are certainly more important decisions in life, but this one shouldn't be underestimated either, after all, it's all about choosing a beard oil whose scent you'll carry in your beard all day long. Thanks to this set, you can replace the nagging indecision with a pleasant testing experience.

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